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Sonicable raises $60,000 in just over 48 Hours on Indiegogo

Our client Sonicable have smashed their $10,000 goal by 500% in two days!
Sonicable offers ‘The World’s Most Advanced Charging
Cable’ for iPhone and Android.
The Sonicable solves a number of all-too-common issues that users frequently have
with stock cables and offers a feature that everyone can benefit from: charging devices
faster in just half the time, specifically from a USB output.
The cable also solves further frustrations, such as including a dual USB plug, meaning
you can plug it straight in each time, every time. Durability is another issue that many
users have - Sonicable includes features such as Aluminum connectors, a braided
nylon cable and is completely tangle free.

Rapid charging is achieved through the cable’s ‘Sonic Mode’ with the flick of a switch on
the cable, your device is brought out of data transfer mode and directly into Sonic Mode,
charging at 1000mA (double the standard charging rate).

We're expecting huge things from Sonicable, and with such an amazing start, we're looking forward to seeing how far we can go!
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